Minutes of Selectboard Meeting December 20, 2006


Call to Order:    The meeting was called to order at 7:00 PM.


Present at        Don Parrish, Selectman; Bert Potter, Selectman; Mark Skakel, Meeting:         Selectman; Linda McGuire, Treasurer; Anne Haley, Town Clerk;                  Barry Griffith, Town Agent; and David Johnson, Clerk.


Treasurer:        The Board reviewed the Year to Date financials with Linda

                  and discussed questions regarding special receipts.  Lister                   education funds will be reserved, HAVA grant funds were used                  for the printer and accessories, the Jeffords’ donation                   would be reserved for Town Office improvements, the $1,281                 refund from the School District is general revenue from                  homestead declaration changes, the unspent money for                    highways buildings would be left in the general fund balance                  and would be used to reduce taxes in 2007.  Overall the               highway expenses are under budget.


Minutes:          The minutes of the 12/06/06 meeting were reviewed.  Two                 typos were corrected.  Bert moved to approve the minutes of                   December 6, 2006, seconded by Mark and approved.


Bond Vote:        Anne explained that the bond issue vote for the garage would                  need to be done over, at Town Meeting, as it was not warned                   in the newspaper and needed to be posted in five public                  places.  Anne and the Board reviewed the checklist from               Atty. Guilliani.  The new vote would allow for a better                  estimate of the construction costs.  Graham and Graham would                  be able to start the required audit at the end of January,              2007.


Town Clerk:       Anne explained that tax exemptions would need to be voted at                  Town Meeting for various organizations.  Their education                taxes would then be made up by a “local agreement rate”.                The fire department tax would not to be made up.


                  Nominating petitions are due by 1/29/07 to run for office.


                  Gregg Over has not responded to do the grant work at the                Meeting House and Town Office.  Mark moved to go ahead and              have Dan Gram do the work, seconded by Bert, and approved.

                  Dan would be asked to come to the next meeting to sign the              contract or other arrangements could be made.

Gov. Clement

Shelter:          Barry inquired about developments or solutions being looked                   at for the Gov. Clement Shelter.  Mark explained the                    S.T.A.R.T. program that would pay for patrolling by Game               Wardens.  Game Warden George Scribbner would be invited to                   attend the next Board meeting.  Barry would like to attend                and get the information first hand.  An advisory vote at                Town Meeting could provide some direction for the Board.


Fire Department:  Barry advised the Board that the Shrewsbury Fire Dept. would                  once again level fund their request for town funds.  The new                  pumper is anticipated arriving soon and would be stationed                  at the Northam Station.


- 1 -


Town Line:        The Town Agents had met and the court has rescheduled the               hearing date to January.  Surveyor Courcelle has not                    responded at all.  It is hoped the issue will be settled at              the hearing (or before).


Orders:           The Selectboard reviewed and signed Selectmen’s Order #12 A                   for $11,247.07 and Road Commissioner’s Order #12A for                   $440.02, both dated 12/20/06.  The motion to approve was                  made by Bert and seconded by Mark.


Grand List:       The State’s equalization study report was received.  It                 shows that the C.O.D. is 19.61% and the C.L.A. is 74.44%.               The grand list valuation is 100,152,989 and by factoring in                the C.L.A. the equalized education grand list value becomes              134,591,000.  This is also the number certified to the              County and is used to set that tax.


Other Business:   A request from CVPS to change a pole near the Town Office to                  accommodate Adelphia Cable was tabled.


                  The Board would need further information regarding Howard &                   Debra Weaver’s request for work within the highway right of                   way for a second curb cut.  Bert would check with Herb.               Conditions might be added.


                  Don spoke about NeighborWorks.  Tinmouth, the lead town, was                  uncomfortable with the language and Ludie is rewriting it               and a memorandum of understanding for all the involved                  towns.


Regulations:      The Planning Commission had sent draft copies of the first              three articles of the new Zoning Regulations and asked for              the Board to make comments by 1/22/07.  They also expect                 articles four and five to be in draft form by then.

Other Business

Continued:        Herb would be asked to attend either the 1/3/07 meeting or              1/10/07 budget work session.  The Board would study the                 Income and Expense Report prior to beginning development of                  the next budget proposal.  Jan. 25th is the first                    opportunity to warn and Feb. the is the last date to warn                 Town Meeting articles.  It was agreed to set 1/31/07 to do              all the warnings for Town Meeting, including the bond                   revote.


                  Sharon Winnicki would again be Green Up Coordinator with                Leisbeth VanderHeijdes as backup.


                  Mark moved to approved and sign the pasture agreement with              Jeff Smith.  Seconded by Bert and passed.


                  Mark would check with Dick to see if Casella Hydraulics had                   come by.  Len Page will be repairing the roof.


                  The meeting was duly adjourned at 8:37 PM.


                                    Respectfully submitted,



These minutes are unofficial until approved by the Selectboard at the next regularly scheduled meeting.

- 2 -





Minutes of Selectboard Meeting December 6, 2006 


Call to Order:

The meeting was called to order at 7:00 PM.

Present at Don Parrish, Selectman; Bert Potter, Selectman; Mark Skakel,

Meeting: Selectman; Linda McGuire, Treasurer; Anne Haley, Town Clerk;

Herb Carrara, Road Comm.; John Berryhill, Architect; and

David Johnson, clerk.



The minutes of the 11/15/06 meeting were reviewed. Don suggested headings for the three different topics Barry Griffith spoke about. Bert moved to approve the minutes of November 15, 2006 with the added headings, seconded by Don, and approved.



Bert reported that Herb had gotten VTEL to remove the tree at no cost to the Town. Bert had spoken to Casella Hydraulics and they were to have come out and submit a report; Bert would follow up with them. Bert said he’d spoken directly to Lorentsen about parking on Button Hill Road, especially during the winter. Hopefully, there won’t be any further problems. Usually it has been workers that have parked on the road.


Treasurer Issues:

Linda suggested getting a credit card for Herb to use. He has to find Linda to get her card, presently. The Board agreed for Linda to get another card.


Linda asked if the S.H.A.R.P. funds would be turned over this year. The Board was planning to discuss the issue later in the meeting.


The VLCT Health Insurance Trust will change to CIGNA Insurance from Blue Cross & Blue Shield. Linda has attended an informational meeting. She felt there would be very few coverage changes for the covered employees. The cost would still increase around $4,000 for 2007. Options to seek coverage elsewhere were discussed and it was agreed to continue with the VLCT group.


Don and Herb will work together to finish the culvert inventory values.


Budget worksheets would be prepared after the next meeting.

Linda asked for detailed salary information, so she would know what had been budgeted for a position or employee. It was agreed to schedule a budget workshop meeting for Wed. 1/10/07.

Transfer Station:

Dick has been giving two copies to the customer for electronic disposal, so that nothing has been submitted to the office. Linda suggested writing out the process for Dick, including that the forms should be used consecutively, as they are pre-numbered. Anne would like to see someone at the gate checking windshield stickers, occasionally. Bert is planning to build a cover for the electronic box which could then be locked.

Town Garage:

John Berryhill and Herb had met several times and had gone to West Rutland to view their new firehouse. It is wood frame with trusses and a fiberock interior. John’s estimator advised that a wood building would be $10 per square foot less expensive. It also could be better insulated. John and Herb were now recommending a wood building after seeing the fire station. Anne suggested locating the generator at the garage. It could be brought back to the shelter if necessary. John’s full contract, including electrical and heating engineering fees, would be $22,500.00. The Board should speak directly to Mark Youngstrom for civil engineering. Contracts would be reviewed for the services.


Linda would contact Graham & Graham for the required audit. Anne would contact Mr. Guilliani.

Meeting House/

Town Office:

Anne reviewed with the Board Dan Gram’s latest proposal for $6,120.00 and impressed to the Board the need to have the work done by Town Meeting. She’s has obtained two extensions for the grant and fears the grant would be lost if the work isn’t done on time. A bid(s) for the bathroom, lights and windows is still needed, but these aren’t in the scope of work for the grant. Don would like to give Gregg Over another chance. The Board agreed to contact Gregg and if the work can’t be done by 1/15/07 the project would be given to Dan Gram.


Don would be willing to continue to administer the program after his term as selectman is over, if the Board wanted to reconsider their decision. It was agreed to give the matter some thought and discuss again.


Clement Shelter discussion was postponed, waiting for info.



Laura Black had written the Board requesting that Melissa Reichert be appointed to the Planning Commission, effective 1/01/07. She is a former professional planner, now working for the Forest Service. Anne would research the formation of the Planning Commission to determine the number of members there should be. There are seven on the commission now, with no vacancies

Other Business:

The Casella recycling check was reviewed.


A tree had blown down on the transfer station roof. Herb suggested getting Len Page (or Ralph Page) to do the repair. This was agreeable and Bert would see to this.


Once again, the Board reviewed that the attendant is paid just three hours per quarter for filling out the reports and is not paid until after the reports are done.


A maintenance contract with Russell Graphics for 2007/08 was reviewed and signed.


The Board reviewed and signed Selectman’s Order #12A for $5,496.59 and Road Commissioner’s Order #12 for $5,787.21, dated 12/06/06. The motion to approve was made by Bert and seconded by Mark.

Respectfully submitted,

Minutes of Selectboard Meeting October 18, 2006


Call to Order:    The meeting was called to order at 7:00 PM.


Present at        Don Parrish, Selectman; Bert Potter, Selectman; Mark Skakel,

Meeting:          Selectman; Linda McGuire, Treasurer; Anne Haley, Town Clerk;                  State Senators Hull Maynard, Kevin Mullin and Wendy Wilton;                   and David Johnson, Clerk.


Minutes           Bert moved to approve the minutes of October 4, 2006.                   Seconded by Mark and approved.


Transfer Station: The outlet for the scale is in a good location.  Tim Hubbard                  has advised Bert that a new door is needed on the container.                  He has a welder and would also like to replace the rails.                  All told $2,000 +/-.  Don said when Shrewsbury agreed to buy              a new rolloff (four years ago) they’d agreed to have it in                 the mix, as long as it showed up in Shrewsbury occasionally                   and Hubbard’s wouldn’t bring a small 30 yard rolloff.  The              old one was no good then, was don’s understanding.  New               containers are around $6,000.  Bert would speak with Tim and                report back before any decision would be reached.


                  The compactor piston has been getting stuck and tripping the                  breaker. Bert would contact a repairman.  Bert would also               acquire baling wire from Hubbard’s.


                  Mark reported that the scales and tickets are being used, as                  of 10/15/06.  The Board was told were the key is located and                  Mark will have more spare keys made and distributed. 


                  The attendant’s time sheet was reviewed.  17 hours for two              persons with two bales made.  The Board discussed                       considering the extra time is to get caught up, but the real                problem is that Dick did not get prior approval for the              extra help.  Dick still needs to designate an assistant or                two with the Selectboard’s approval.  Dick wouldn’t need to                   get approval for the assistant to fill in, just if the                  assistant is working with Dick and two persons are being                 paid for one person’s duties.  After reading “Information                Station #11”, Bert suggested sending a certified letter that                   Dick must provide a doctor’s note or not to come in to work.                    The Board agreed to send the letter.

Meeting House/

Town Office:      Gregg Over hasn’t contacted anyone to start construction.               The contract is ready.  It is a standard contract with a              penalty clause.  A concern was raised that the grant could                 be lost if the work wasn’t done on time.  Don would call              Gregg.  Mark did get the basement closed in.  Randy Page is                   credited for removing the squirrels.  Anne And Linda                    expressed their appreciation.


Other Business:   Linda had filled out the VLCT PACIF insurance renewal                   package.  Don had already reviewed it and the Board agreed              to it after a quick review.


                  Gill Gaines had asked to be on agenda fir a zoning issue,               but did not make the meeting.


- 1 -

                  NeighborWorks has asked for a letter of support to continue                   a loan program.  Mark was authorized to issue the letter for                  the Board.


                  The Selectboard reviewed a copy of a letter to Judge Candon                   that the McGuinesses want the “Shippey” cemetery moved from                   Charles Marchant of the Vermont Cemetery Assoc.  He                       referenced a Charlotte case in Superior Court where the               landowner won to have a small cemetery moved.


                  Don would review the VPIRG suggested resolution on mercury.


Orders:           The Selectboard reviewed and signed Selectman’s Order #10A              for $1,689,188.81 and Road Commissioner’s Order #10A for              $13,217.59, dated 10/18/06.  The motion to approve was made                  by Mark and seconded by Bert.


                  The three State Senators were present to hear concerns from                   Town officials before the election.  They spoke about H880              prebate checks and the privacy issues that have been raised.               Hull would look further into Lincoln Hill Route 103 issues                   and said the culvert project is three years off and would                 have $600,000 federal funding.  The Selectboard members had                   favorable comments of the light at the Route 103 Route 7                intersection.  Hull would also look into the Smith Brook                culvert.


                  Mark would check on boxboard going in with the cardboard.


                  The meeting was duly adjourned at 9:08 PM.



                                    Respectfully submitted,



                                     David H. Johnson, Clerk




These minutes are unofficial until approved by the Selectboard at their next regularly scheduled meeting.


- 2 -



Minutes of Selectboard Meeting October 4, 2006


Call to Order:    The meeting was called to order at 7:00 PM.


Present at        Don Parrish, Selectman; Bert Potter, Selectman; Mark Skakel,

Meeting:          Selectman; Linda McGuire, Treasurer; Anne Haley, Town Clerk;

                  citizen Steve Nicholsen; and David Johnson, Clerk.


Minutes:          The minutes of the meetings on 9/13/06 and 9/20/06 were                 reviewed.  Bert moved to approve the minutes of Sept. 13,               2006 and of Sept. 20, 2006, with two typo corrections.                  Seconded by Mark and so voted.


                  Don reported that $335.20 was received from Casella Waste               Mgmt. for recycled cardboard and aluminum.  Other                       correspondence was reviewed, no action necessary.


Transfer Station: Dick Adams has returned to work at the Transfer Station.                Mark has asked him for a doctor’s note, but hasn’t followed                   up on it, yet.  Dick and Jody have baled some plastic,                perhaps 3 bales.  Final details for electronic collection                 were reviewed.

Town Office /

Meeting House:    A contract for the work to be done isn’t ready.  A generic              version will be used as a base.  The scope of work was                  reviewed for the 11/07/06 deadline.

                  Mark moved, seconded by Bert, to authorize Don to sign the              contract with Gregg Over.  Passed.


Garage Vote:        Mark suggested holding an open house at the present garage                  to talk up support for a new facility and the bond vote. 

                  Steve Nicholsen addressed the Board stating that he was not                   sure that all options have been looked at and described one                   different scenario.  He also wished that the public had been                involved in the process sooner so the project would reflect                   their wishes.

                     Don would write something for “The Times of Shrewsbury”              explaining the need for a new garage.  Mark would make a                flier for the open house.  It was agreed that the open house              would be Wednesday October 18th from 5:00 to 7:00 PM.


Orders:              The Selectboard reviewed and signed Selectman’s Order #10                  for $14,330.92 and Road Commissioner’s Order #10 for                    $4,990.34, dated 10/04/06.  The motion to approve was made                   by Bert and seconded by Mark.

                     The Board agreed to remit the Selectboard compensation,              issue checks and have them included on the next orders.

                     Linda asked to have the collection policy restated.  The                   policy will be to receive as timely payments those payments                   found in the drop off box at the Town Office on the morning                after the due date.  This policy is so that Linda does not                have to be at the office (alone) until midnight.

                     The meeting was duly adjourned at 8:02 P.M.


                                    Respectfully submitted,




These minutes are unofficial until approved at the next regularly scheduled meeting of the Selectboard.


Minutes of Selectboard Meeting September 13, 2006


Call to Order:    The meeting was called to order at 7:00 PM.  This meeting               was rescheduled from Sept. 6, 2006.


Present at        Don Parrish, Selectman; Bert Potter, Selectman; Mark Skakel,

Meeting:          Selectman; Herb Carrara, Road Commissioner; Jamie Carrara,              Road Crew; Anne Haley; Barry Griffith, Town Agent; Linda                McGuire; Francis Wyatt and David Johnson, clerk.


Minutes:          The minutes of the 8/16/06 meeting were reviewed.  Bert                 moved to approve the minutes of August 16, 2006, seconded by                  Mark and passed.


Garage:           Belden Co. had not provided an estimate for a metal                     building, yet.  An alternate site was agreed to where the               existing sand pile is.  The Road Crew could come in from the              school drive for a new sand pile.  This would mean the new                   construction would be a free standing building and a new                   heating system would be needed for the existing garage.                 Anee would call John Berryhill for the soil sample, Belden’s                  for the estimate and would e-mail the Board with updates.                 Herb felt there would be less maintenance for a metal              building.  The Board agreed to go with a metal building                unless it was a lot more expensive.


Highways:         Herb mentioned that three trucks now have over 10,000 hours                   a piece.  New vehicles now require expensive motors with                emission devices.  There is $93,000 plus $30,000 for FY06 in               the fund.


                  The grader needs new tires.  Rouse Tire has quoted $1160 per                  tire.  The Board agreed to use the emergency fund to                    purchase 4 tires and to budget to replace the fund in the              next budget.  Bert made a motion to that effect, seconded by               Mark and so voted.  The money for tires in this budget will                   be used on truck tires.


                  The Board and Herb reviewed illegal curb cuts.  K. Lorentz              has a new drive on Button Hill.  Herb’s main concern is that                cars are parked in the road.  Other property changes and the                   roads ability to handle increased traffic was discuused.                    Anne would put a notice in the “Times of Shrewsbury” about                   winter parking.


                  When Herb checked, the cable was down.  Anne had seen it up                   recently.  Herb would check again and on a weekend also.


                  Anne mentioned that Adrieene’s two sons, herself and Nelson                   and Gail Fallar did the work bee at the Town Office.

Planning Grant:  

                  The FY07 grant application would be for updating and                    renewing the Town Plan, which expires in August, 2008.  Don                   stated that prior grants have been to revise the zoning                  regulations, which aren’t complete yet.  Francis said               progress has been made on the zoning regulations and                     understands the Board’s frustrations.  Don believed that                $50,000 has been spent since 1988 on revising the zoning                regulations.


- 1 -

                  Bert moved, seconded by Mark, to sign the FY07 Municipal                Planning Grant application for $9,540.  The Board has heard                   from several townspeople and the DRB why it isn’t done yet. 

                  Even Mark Blucher has wondered why.  Francis explained that                   they aren’t anticipating any major changes to the Town Plan                   and that the Planning Commission does think about changes                  that could effect the zoning regulations, as the regulations                are being worked on.  The motion passed.  Two originals were               signed.


Town Agent:       Barry reported that the townline issue had been filed in                June and that Mount Holly did accept service.  A status                 conference could be asked for and Barry would like a                         selectman there.  The Board should also think of a surveyor                 to recommend to the court to appoint.  By consensus, the                Board agreed to ask for a conference.


                  The Supreme Court will decide the Vermont Earth Resources,              Inc. appeal from the briefs submitted.  Barry will keep the                   Board informed on both matters.


                  Linda asked the Board to do something about payroll when the                  Board has rescheduled their meeting.  The Board agreed to               authorize the payroll order(s) that are signed by either the              chairperson or Bert.  Linda would also check on the bill for                VLCT’s random test.          


                  Greg Over has confirmed his quote for the windows on the                west side, but didn’t give anything on the front windows.               John Wood has also bid.  The air conditioner is coming from               another vendor, so it is available to be installed with the              windows.  Bert moved to select Gregg Over for the Town                Office and Meeting House work.  Passed. Anne and Don would              work on a contract and scope of work for the next meeting.                    The bathroom would be done at another time.  Mark would look                at grant applications for the other side from the Historic                  Division.


                  The Board approved and signed Joan Aleshire (no conditions)                   and William Chruch’s (with conditions) applications for work                  within the right of way.  The agreement with Mac’s Fuel for              1500 gallons of #2 fuel at $2.69 was signed.


                  The forms for electronic collection are OK.  The scale is               put together.  S.W.A.C. will clean out the electronic on              hand, to start fresh.


                  The Board approved Anne to take the Apex Sketching Program              after speaking with Betsy by phone.


Orders:           The Selectboard reviewed and signed Selectmen’s Order #9 for                  $6,994.49 plus Addendum for $1,547.96 and Road                          Commissioner’s Order #9 for $136,286.74 plus Addendum for                  $11,433.42.  The motion to approve was made by Bert and              seconded by Mark.


                  The meeting was duly adjourned at 9:50 PM.


                                    Respectfully submitted,




Minutes of Special Selectboard Meeting June 14, 2006


Call to Order:          The meeting was called to order at 7:00 PM.


Present at Meeting:     Selectboard members Don Parrish, Mark Skakel and Bert Potter

                        Citizens: see attached list


Don made some opening remarks.  It was agreed that everyone was familiar enough with the property that a site visit was not necessary.  The Selectboard would not be making any decision at this meeting.


                  Comments included:  it would be a shame to lose the                           shelter; there is a lack of enforcement; good people will                     suffer for the actions of a few; an ordinance for “No                    Parking” within a set distance and then serious enforcement                 should be tried; as long as people can drive to it, there                        will be parties; and the shelter wouldn’t be needed once the                new shelter is built further away.  It was appalling that a                   reputation exists in town regarding the shelter and that a                    promotional video recommends not staying at the shelter.                      The Town has a responsibility to clean up the situation.


                  The snowmobile club might be interested in taking over the                    maintenance of the shelter.  Solutions to the problem have                    been discussed for six years.  Steel posts set in concrete

                  at the entrances might help with the no parking ordinance.


                  Management of the Appalachian Trail is primarily a                            responsibility of the Forest Service.  Government managers                    can only guarantee hikers’ safety by removing a hazard                     (shelter). 


                  A pent road designation doesn’t allow for a locked gate.


                  The road gives access to State land.  If the road was thrown                  up, it would revert back to the land owners.  In this case,                   the land owner would be the Federal Government, who could                        then close off access to the State land.


                  It was suggested that the trail be moved and not use the old                  Town Road.  It was stated that ground and wildlife issues                     have prevented moving the trail.


                  A representative of the Green Mountain Club stated that they                  would reconsider their position to remove the shelter, if                     evidence shows that the problems can be controlled.


                  The Board promised to look at every possible way to mitigate                  citizens concerns and rights before 3/31/07.  An extension                    might be granted.  The Town’s web site, among other                              resources, would be used to notify interested parties before              a decision was made.


                  Everyone was thanked for attending and expressing their                       feelings.

                                    Respectfully submitted,      

Minutes of Selectboard Meeting June 7, 2006


Call to Order:          The meeting was called to order at 7:00 PM.


Present at  Meeting:    Don Parrish, Selectman; Bert Potter, Selectman; Mark

Skakel, Selectman; Irene Gordon, Anne Haley and David



Minutes:                The minutes of 5/18/06 were reviewed.  Bert moved to approve the minutes of May 18, 2006, seconded by Mark, and so voted.


Rapid Response Plan:    The Board had no comments or changes to suggest to the Vermont Rapid Response Plan for the Town of Shrewsbury, other than that Irene had done a fine job.  Bert moved to accept the final version, seconded by MarkThe motion carried and the Plan was signed.  Attachments to follow would include the American Red Cross shelter agreements, mutual aid agreements for the Highway Department, and mutual aid agreements for the Fire Department.  Irene would see that everything was filed with the county plan.


Irene spoke about receiving a notice that $11,000,000 was available from the State Homeland Security.  Interoperable communication is the “buzzword” for this round of awards.  Irene would prepare the application, when it becomes available and would like to include the cost of the FCC licensing.  The base radio given by the Fire Department is only very basic.


It was agreed to list Irene as the contact for the Vermont Health Alert Network.  The Board thanked Irene for all her work, it is much appreciated.


Planning Comm.:         Francis Wyatt is available to be grant administrator for the Planning Commission.  The Selectboard would appoint an administrator when a grant is approved or ready to be approved by the Selectboard.


Transfer Station:       Patrons are sorting plastic and removing any caps much                        better.


Bonding:                The steps to warn hearings were reviewed.  The vote would likely take place in conjunction with the Primary Election in September.


Town line:              Anne received a call from the court.  They need to have a filing fee sent in and that the Town of Mount Holly would need to be notified that the Town of Shrewsbury has petitioned the court.  It was recommended that an attorney represent the Town in this matter.  Barry Griffin would be asked first.  Bert moved to approve paying the $275 filing fee.  Seconded by Mark and passed.

Gov. Clement

Shelter:                A reminder that the special meeting would be Wednesday June 14, 2006 at 7:00 PM. at the Town Office.  The site visit would be first, rain or shine.








S.H.A.R.P.:       There has not been a new loan application in quite some                       time.  The only activity has been collecting from the                         remaining borrowers.  Don has spoken to Ludy Biddle about                         administering the program through Neighborworks.  Don would                   like to be relieved of the responsibility.  There are 4                    outstanding loans; one should be paid off soon.  There                        aren’t any foreclosures, but property has been liened to                         make sure it is paid.  Don would speak with Ludy further to                   have them take it over and keep it going, inviting her to a                   future meeting.


Town Clerk:       Anne reopened discussion of the grant administrator.  Some-

                  one is needed for the present grant.  The first check came                    made out to “Town Clerk”.  Anne would prefer not to be                        involved.  The Board would be agreeable to sign the                          resolution for grant administrator when it was completely                        filled out.


                  All towns have been given an extension to file applications                   until 7/26/06, then awards would be made.  This may put off                   work on the Meeting House and Town Office a little bit.  The              election grant is assured to go through.


Anne had gotten samples for bonding requirements from Atty. Guiliani and did e-mail the Board with them.   Jeff Graham, an auditor is planning to send a proposal by the next meeting.  The “VLCT News” had   an related article that would be kept for consideration next year.


Anne asked the Board members if anyone had noticed curb cuts that have been made, and spoke further of three on Upper Cold River Road.  If a curb cut is just for logging, it would need to be put back like it was before, but an application still should be filed.  The Board would approve for one year, after which it could be renewed.  If Anne would get the names of the others, the Board would write to them.


Orders:           The Selectboard approved and signed Selectman’s Order #6 for                  $9,026.01 and Road Commissioner’s Order #6 for $9,640.53,                     dated 6/07/06.  The motion to approve was made by Bert and                    Seconded by Mark.


                  It was agreed to open an account at Tractor Supply.


                  Mark moved to approve weight permits for Masterson and                        Jeffrey Bridge ExcavationSeconded by Bert, passed and                      signed


                  The Elnicki Gravel Pit closure bond was renewed.  Anne                        would take care of it.


                  The meeting was duly adjourned at 8:15 PM.


                                    Respectfully submitted,



                                    David H. Johnson, Clerk


These minutes are unofficial until approved at the next regularly scheduled meeting of the Selectboard.