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Selectboard Meeting Minutes 


Minutes of Selectboard Meeting

December 3rd, 2008


Call to Order:

The meeting was called to order at 7:04 PM.


Present at Meeting:

                Steve Spatz, Selectman; Bert Potter, Selectman; Michael Stewart, Selectman; Linda McGuire, Town Treasurer; Mark Goodwin, Town Clerk, Dick Adams, Dump Master, Steve Nicholson.



                The minutes of the 11/19/2008 meeting were reviewed.  Bert moved to approve the minutes of October 1, 2008, seconded by Mike

Minor change in the section entitled "Other Business" to indicate that Bert had previously spoke about the report of a gate across Knipes Road.  Correction made, in so far as Bert was not present at the last meeting.

Bert asked for clarification, particularly in respect to liability and incurred expenses in regard to the Animal Adoption Policy submitted by the Animal Control Officer.  Mike stated that the Processes and procedures will be re-examined and clarified when the policy is resubmitted to the Selectboard, in the near future.

Minutes approved unanimously.


Transfer Station:

                Volatility in the recyclable commodities markets has impacted the Town's strategy for handling recyclable material.  Bert questioned the viability of trying to predict what the market might do, and wondered if it wouldn't be more cost effective just to get rid of the heavier commodities, like magazines and some metals now, while transportation cost were relatively low.  Even though the Town is seeing no revenue from the recyclables, we are not yet in a position where we have to pay for transport away from the Transfer Station.  Discussion with Dick Adams ensued regarding the "make-up of a load" magazines or paper (21 Gaylords), so that if storage space was needed to stockpile in order to hold over in a volatile market it could be planned for.  Mike clarified that even though we do not yet pay for transportation, it does cost the Town something in the Dump Master's and Road Commissioners time while handling the material.


                Decision was made and clarified to the Dump Master that the Town will continue recycling the commodities it presently does.  In regard to the heavier material, which will be more expensive to transport, we will hold till there is a full load at which time we will dispose of while we wait for the markets to stabilize for other commodities.  Mike will be contacting Canusa in order to better understand where the markets might be going.  Steve and Mike will attend the Dec. 9th SWAC meeting to see how other member towns are dealing with the issue.  The goal was for the Town to at least break even.  It was requested that the Clerk investigate a Northeast Resource Recovery Association (NRRA) solicitation.


                In general the material accumulating in front of the compactor has been removed.


Citizen Concern:

Steve received a letter from John VanHoesen requesting that some consideration be made by the plow trucks when handling the accumulating snow at the base of Town Hill Rd.  Mike said he would speak with Herbie regarding the matter.


Budget Items:

                In receipt of Unemployment Insurance Compensation Assessment from VLCT.  This and other material and solicitations are being collected for consideration to be added to the 2009 Town Warning.


                Numerous solicitations for monetary support and annual dues via ballot initiatives have been received.  They will be examined and discussed during the upcoming budget building process.


                Bert will be contacting Randy to get a status of delinquent taxes.  Recently received and still outstanding.


                Paving Grant has still not been received.  All outstanding concerns and issues (road signs) have been addressed.


Steve will request an in-depth analysis and review of the most current Balance Sheet and P/L Statement in preparation for the upcoming Budget Building process.  All members are to bring any questions to the forefront at the Jan. 7, 2009 Selectboard meeting.


All outstanding invoices and receivables are requested for payment by 12/17/08.


Town Office Maintenance:

                Steve will be contacting Adrian Ouellette regarding insulation of Town Office cellar.


Green Up Day

                Sharon Winnicki has been appointed Green Up Day Coordinator for 2009.



The Selectboard reviewed and signed Selectmen's Order #12 $4,731.70 and Road Commissioner's Order #12  $5,890.98




The Meeting was duly adjourned at 9:08PM



Respectfully submitted,



Mark Goodwin, Town Clerk




These minutes are unofficial until approved by the Selectboard at the next regularly scheduled meeting.




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