DRB Meeting

March 27, 2019 @ 7:00 PM
Shrewsbury Town Office
9823 Cold River Rd
Adrienne Raymond - DRB Clerk

Cashel 030-0-1204


In attendance: Board- Mark Youngstrom (Chair), Alan Shelvey, Bruce Bullock, Laura Black, and Francis Wyatt. Public (everyone was asked to sign in)- Liesbeth van der Heijden, Sharon Winnicki, Lavinia Seide

Marcia Woods, Judy Emerick, Michael and Laura Cashel, Sharon Sweet, Brenda Reed, Christine & Elmer Laydon, Kerry & Janis O’Hara, Art Krueger P.E., Jeffrey Guevin (for O’hara, Zaremba, and Laydon), Nancy Messer, Annette Parrish, Stan & Jen(sp?) Zaremba, Marge Benini, Pam Darrow, Frank & Hilary Wolfe, and Christopher & Claire Morris.


Michael Cashel introduced himself and his wife and gave their history in VT. Included is his written statement.

  • 220 guests max
  • busses will be a possible solution
  • parking for 75 cars
  • noise- music contained within the barn
  • end 11pm
  • no fireworks
  • not a commercial opportunity, only trying to support the upkeep of the barn
  • any profits will be donated to the town or town organizations
  • fire marshal has limited the attendance to 220
  • Mr. Cashel also noted that they had made “mistakes” in how they approached this hearing by stating a webpage (since taken down) prior to any permitting.
  • Art Krueger P.E. spoke to the state required actions that have or still need to be addressed:
  • Laura Cashel stated that they could do almost anything with the barn. They do not need the money. They just want the opportunity to “share” the barn with the community.
  • Act 250 is needed
  • parking identified for 75 cars
  • portable bathrooms will be brought in
  • no wastewater permit needed, if rules changed as expected in March?’s from the attendees:Will you live on the property? Mostly. They travel extensively.
  • When property was purchased was the intention to live there? Yes, to retire there, but when they saw the barn they knew they wanted to share the spot with others.
  • How many times would the portable toilets be brought in? No more than 5-7 times a year. Some events would not need portable toilets. Yoga practice.
  • Kerri O’Hara read his statement. Explained his objection to this use. He appreciates the quiet and the ability to watch nature (animals, birds, etc.) He stated that he views this as a request for a variance. He referred to Sec 508 regarding noise, guests, music, car alarms, headlight glare. All would inhibit his enjoyment of his property. Fire safety? No change in landscaping? What about the parking area? Rustic Rooster only parks 31. Is there a now a bedroom in the milk house? Is it counted in the house bedrooms   Lighting? Headlights are a big concern, especially as cars maneuver out of the parking area? Road maintenance? Will this be addressed? Sec. 526 regarding road impact and safety should be studied and required by the DRB. He believes that no acreage enrolled in the Current Use Program should be utilized. All events public and private should be counted. Mr O’Hara’s written statement in in the file.
  • Mr Guevin, atty for Laydon, O’Hara, and Zaremba, submitted a written statement for the file.
  • Mr. Zaremba requested that the permit be denied. Written comments submitted for the file..
  • Marge Benini is concerned about the traffic safety. She recounted her accident at the outlet of Tabor Rd.. There is no stop sign on that corner and she is very concerned with the safety of Bailey Rd in general and certainly with any increased traffic. Cars travel very fast.
  • Laura Cashel reiterated her concern for the neighbors safety and agrees with Marge’s concern with the speed of traffic on the road.
  • Sharon Sweet also voiced concerned with traffic speed and general road safety. Impacts are not only the day of the event. Before and after the event there is greatly increased traffic for all the supporting services.
  • Sharon W. also supported the craziness of the traffic on Bailey Rd. The road is not made for this kind of traffic levels.Mark Y started to review the application under Shrewsbury’s Zoning Regulations, dated July 7, 2017.
  • Under what Conditional Use would this fall under? Home Industry is the only use that applies and is allowable. The Cashel’s agreed that is what they are applying for.
  • Discussion came up as to the number of employees.
  • Mark Y read the requirements for a Home Industry Sec 409, as well as Secs. and 407.4. and 508, the general CU standards.
  • Elmer Laydon read his statement which is included in the file. The neighborhood should not be imposed upon to subsidize the Cashel’s charitable nature.
  • Mark requested the applicant provide written responses to 407, 409.
  • Alan Shelvey requested an explanation of why is this not a place of assembly.
  • Sharon W. questioned whether all information can be rebutted at the next meeting.
  • Frank Wolf stated his knowledge of Michael Cashel- he is a good guy.
  • Sharon W. how would any permit be enforced? Mark stated that some of the day to day observations of any violations would likely come from the neighbors who would notice them. They would then contact the Zoning Administrator who would investigate further and use whatever tools she had available to address the issueMeeting was adjourned to January 30 at 7pm.  
  • NOTE- (1/28/19)- Meeting to continue the Cashel Conditional Use Application is scheduled for March 27th at 7pm
  • Minutes submitted by Adrienne Raymond
  • Other Business- The DRB discussed the need to schedule a regular meeting date to ease scheduling hearings. After much discussion the day of the month picked was the 4th Wednesday of every month at 7pm with Site visits scheduled either on a weekend or other convenient time that allowed a daylight visit.
  • NOTE- this meeting is cancelled and a date in March will be fully warned at the applicants’ request to allow more time for research and response time.

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