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Lottery Road Wildlife Corridor Overview

Lottery Road Wildlife Corridor FAQ


Carbon Sequestration

An overflowing audience squeezed into the Library November 8th to ponder the information presented by Tim Stout on Carbon Sequestration and how it can be used to combat climate change. His presentation gave us much to consider and more to find out, and it inspired a request for further information on how such a program could be applied in Shrewsbury. A working group is being formed to explore this issue and people interested in being involved or in getting Tim’s power point presentation should contact Tim Stout at or 617-899-1011

Primer on Carbon Sequestration #5 TMS


Vermont Pollinator Palette w-common names




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Do You Own Land in the VELCO Right Of Way in Shrewsbury?

A portion of the Vermont Electric Utility Company (VELCO) power line corridor passes through many Shrewsbury properties. VELCO has recently returned to the use of applied herbicides to control vegetation within this Right Of Way (ROW). The Shrewsbury Conservation Commission has been concerned about this method of vegetation control and our investigation into VELCO’s integrated management system revealed to us that it is a well executed system with several advantages. However it does involve the use of herbicides with its associated concern for potential impacts to human and environmental health.

The World Health Organization’s division, the International Agency for Research on Cancer, said glyphosate, the active ingredient in the Monsanto Co herbicide Roundup, is “classified as probably carcinogenic to humans”, and there is evidence that glyphosate is carcinogenic in humans for non-Hodgkin lymphoma as well. Although safer than herbicides used in the past, glyphosate is more toxic than originally thought, especially when combined with inert ingredients that help it pass through plant membranes to be more effective. It also has a lethal effect on amphibians. For these reasons, the SCC urges all landowners to use alternatives to herbicide use around their yards and to weigh the advantages and disadvantages of their use with the potential health and environmental risks.

This year, VELCO will be spraying herbicides again as part of their 4 year cycle of vegetation maintenance. IF YOU WISH TO OPT OUT OF THE SPRAYING OF HERBICIDES on land you own in the ROW, here is what you can do. In February, Green Mountain Power’s electric bill, contains a form that can be turned in to GMP that requests that they refrain from spraying herbicides on your property. There is no address on the form, but you can send it to

GMP 163 Acorn Lane, Colchester, VT 05446, or call 888-835-4672.

What happens with this form is that it becomes part of a statewide database and should get to VELCO. VELCO has also told the SCC that you can contact them directly by phone or mail to make the request in February. The Vermont Public Service Board Rule 3.6 allows for a utility to collect an administrative fee to honor this request, but VELCO chooses not to do so, so there is no cost to request no herbicide spraying. A copy of the form letter is also available on our town web page under SCC, herbicide information.

Opt out of Spraying – docx

Opt out of Spraying – pdf


Clearing Invasives

Clearing Invasives

Information on Invasive Plant Species

If you think you have identified an invasive plant in your area, the SCC would like to know about it. Please contact any member or email the Shrewsbury Conservation Commission at

1) The VT invasive plant virtual toolkit lists many websites that will be helpful if you are looking for information on invasive plants. Excellent collection!

Invasive Virtual Toolkit – Updated 7/2015

2.) This tutorial is fun! It provides excellent photos of invasive plants and information about them, plus you can take a quick quiz afterward to check your understanding.

Easy Online Tutorials for Invasive Plant ID-2

3.) The most current list of invasive plant species in Vermont

VT invasive noxious weeds and watch list

4.)For a super link on invasive plant treatment information, go to Click on “Plants”, click on “gallery of invaders”, click on the species you’re interested in, and look at the bottom left corner of that page for the brown “fact sheet” button(you may need to scroll down the page to see it).  Then, click on the brown button to access detailed treatment information.


 Link to
Vermont Association of Conservation Commissions