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Shrewsbury Development Review Board


October 28, 2020



Scott Historic District Review


Present were: Mark Youngstrom, Alan Shelvey, Dany Cote, and Greg McGown for the DRB. Dirk Thomas representing the applicants. Jeff Smith and Mary Barnhart, adjoining land owners. Adrienne Raymond as DRB Clerk.


The applicants, David and Renee Scott, would like to add 2 shed dormers to their small home in Shrewsbury Center. Shrewsbury Center is an established Historic District within the Town of Shrewsbury. Since the home is located in a Historic District changes to the exterior of the home must be reviewed and approved by the Development Review Board under Sections 203 and 305 regarding Historic Districts in the Shrewsbury Unified Zoning and Subdivision Regulations, dated June 7, 2017.

Dirk Thomas presented a sketch of how the exterior will appear after the dormers are added. It was noted that the dormers are on the brick portion of the house. The windows are planned to be in a similar style to the existing windows. The siding will be complementary to the existing siding. The chimney violates current safety codes and is currently unsafe to use. As they do not need the chimney, they will likely remove it as part of this project.

Mark Youngstrom read out the Performance Standards in Historic District , Art. 305 and the DRB discussed the application using both the General Considerations, 305.1, and then the Review of Applications language in 305.2. The Board consensus was that only C applied and that No, “the proposed plan will not materially impair the historic or architectural significance of the structure or surrounding area.” The DRB suggested, but did not require the continued use of slate for the roofing material.

Alan Shelvey motioned to accept the application as presented with the usual lighting condition. Dany Cote seconded the motion. All Ayes. Permit granted unanimously.



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