The Town of Shrewsbury is currently engaged in hazard mitigation planning and is updating the Shrewsbury, Vermont Local Hazard Mitigation Plan.  For more information on the planning process or to find out about upcoming opportunities for public input, contact Steffanie Bourque at the RRPC – sbourque@rutlandrpc.org or 802-775-0871 x206.


2020 Shrewsbury Local Emergency Management Plan (LEMP)


Shrewsbury Draft LHMP 08-05-20 Final


Local Hazard Mitigation Plan (LHMP) update.

The impact of expected, but unpredictable natural events can be reduced through community planning and action. To that end, the Shrewsbury LHMP team is updating the Town’s 2015 Plan.

The purpose of the Plan is to assist the Town in understanding natural hazards facing the community, ranking them according to local risks and developing strategies to reduce those risks.

A draft of the first 5 sections of the plan which includes Introduction, Community Profile and Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment are ready for public review. The team will continue working on the remaining sections which will include the analysis of specific hazards and risk reduction strategies. There will be another comment period when this second half draft is finished.

The best plan will be developed using the wide variety of experiences and perspectives of those who live here. We request your assistance and input as to any corrections, additions or suggestions that you may have. The plan should be available on the Town website by the time you read this. I think that most will find it interesting reading.

A brief overview of the plan will be presented to the Selectboard at their regular meeting on Wednesday, August 5th. This is a public meeting and you are welcome to attend. However, due to social distancing concerns, comments will not be accepted at that time.

Selectman and Team member Steven Nicholson will be your point of contact accepting comments via email until August 19th. snicholson@vermontel.net

I will remain available for general questions

Alan Shelvey







In accordance with Federal and State law (V.S.A. 20 § 6), the Town of Shrewsbury has a Department of Emergency Management.  The office of this organization is located in the Shrewsbury Town Office at 9823 Cold River Road. The Director of this Department is the Chairperson of the Selectboard, Aaron Korzun .  His home telephone number is 492-3362. 

The purpose of the Shrewsbury Department of Emergency Management is threefold.

 First, it anticipates and prepares for potential disasters in terms of terrorist attacks and weather hazards such as floods, blizzards, ice storms, power outages, lightening strikes, home fires, and forest fires. 

 Secondly, it plans mitigation actions such as the installation of larger culverts, the development of emergency shelters, and improved communications capabilities throughout the town. 

Thirdly, it coordinates responses to emergencies, drawing upon the necessary local departments such as the fire department, the road department, the constables, the Selectboard, the shelter coordinators, and mutual aid including local fire departments, the Vermont State Police, the Regional Ambulance, and the American Red Cross. 

The Organization of this Department is outlined below: 

            Director:  Chair of Selectboard – Aaron Korzun) (H) – 492-3362

            Advisors:  Selectboard Members- 

  • Steven Nicholson,
  • Fracis Wyatt


            Coordinators: Steven Nicholson

            Fire Department:  Philip Severy -492-2253


            Department of Public Works:  Jamie Carrara

               Shelter Coordinator: Alan & Ann Ridlon (Cuttingsville Fire Station), Sharon Winnicki (Town Office)

               Resource Support: Herb Carrara, Phillip Severy, Eldred French

            Emergency Public Information: Mark Goodwin, Betsy Jesser 

The Town Office is  equipped with a generator in case of power outage and is also a designated Emergency Shelter. 

The Director communicates regularly with the members of the organization and calls full meetings as needed. Any townspeople who would like to serve this organization are urged to call the Town Office at 492-3511.

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