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For Immediate Release: July 1, 2019

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New Law Increases Security for Birth and Death Certificates in Vermont

Act 46 (2017) goes into effect July 1, 2019


BURLINGTON – A new vital records law that goes into effect July 1 will enhance the safety and security of certified birth and death certificates, better protect against misuse of these documents and reduce the potential for identity theft.


The law, which was passed by the Vermont legislature in 2017, also streamlines the process to create, store, issue and track birth and death certificates through a new electronic Statewide Vital Records System.


The new law specifies who can obtain a certified copy of a birth or death certificate, such as certain family members, or court-appointed parties or their legal representatives. People who request these documents must present valid identification and complete a brief, standardized application. The law does not change the procedure for requesting Vermont marriage, civil union, divorce or dissolution certificates.


“Many people may not realize that before this law went into effect, anyone could get a certified copy of anyone else’s birth or death certificate,” said Jessie Hammond, public health statistics chief at the Vermont Department of Health. “With these updated security measures, we are helping to protect Vermonters’ personal information.”


People can search the new electronic system for an index of Vermont birth and death certificates dating back to January 1, 1909, and order certified copies online after entering valid identification information. They can also visit any town or city clerk’s office or the Health Department to request a certified copy or apply by mail. The fee for a certified copy is $10.


The Health Department’s oversight of the state’s vital records dates back to the recognition that such records – particularly death records – are an important tool for studying the location and spread of epidemics. Since 2000, the Vermont vital records system includes eight types of vital events: births, deaths, marriages, divorces, civil unions, dissolutions, fetal deaths and abortions.


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To obtain a Marriage License, an application must be submitted to the Town Clerk.  To obtain a Marriage License, present the completed application in person to the Town Clerk.





 Animal Licenses are due on APRIL 1.  Please license you dog/wolf-hybrid to avoid late fees.  Be sure your dog wears the license tag as this helps with identification if the dog is found wandering.  Fees are as follows: neutered dogs $9; un-neutered dogs $13.  After April 1 fees are: neutered dogs $13; un-neutered dogs $17.  Licenses may be obtained by mail to 9823 Cold River Road.  Be sure to include a copy of any new rabies certificate.


Board of Civil Authority (BCA)
Per 24 V.S.A. § 801  The Town Clerk is the clerk of the Board of Civil Authority. 

A Handbook on Property Tax Assessment Appeals
(Revised 2009)

(The Vermont Institute for Government)


Agenda 2015-4-22
BCA 7-11-2016
BCA HEARINGS -7-25-2016
BCA 17-04-26 Organizational & Examination of Checklist
BCA 2017 07 18 Lister Appeal Warning & Notice
BCA 2018-05-30 Notice
2018 08 07 Lister Appeal Warning & Notice
BCA 19-05-22 Organizational & Examination of Checklist
2019-07-24 Warning&Notice
BCA 20-05-04 Electronic
BCA 20-06-30 Electronic
Grievance Appeal – Ferguson 8-18-20


BCA Minutes 4-22-2015
BCA Organizational 7-11-2016
BCA Minutes 7-25-2016
BCA Organizational 04-26-2017
BCA Minutes 7-18-2017

BCA Organizational 05-30-2018
BCA Minutes 8-7-2018
BCA Minutes 05-22-2019
BCA Minutes 2019-07-24
BCA Minutes 5-4-2020-Webex Tabulator
BCA Minutes 06-30-2020 Primary Location
BCA Minutes 08-18-2020-Ferguson Appeal



Pursuant to the provisions of 32 V.S.A. §4404(b), notice is hereby given that the Board of Civil Authority within and for the town of SHREWSBURY will on the 18th day of August 2020at 7:00 o’clock in the after noon, meet at via GoToMeeting (connection information below) in the said town to hear appeals of persons, or other parties, who are aggrieved by the action of the Board of Listers and have timely filed their written appeal with the Town Clerk. Hearings will continue as scheduled with appellants until all parties are heard.


Board of Civil Authority

/s/ Mark Goodwin

Date 7/20/2020

Town Clerk


Copy: Three Public Places

Board Members

Town Agent

Chairperson, Board of Listers

All Appellants

______________________________ ____________________ _________________



August 18, 2020 7:00 PM Brian Ferguson 023-0-0566

Shrewsbury BCA Appeal of Lister Grievance
Tue, Aug 18, 2020 7:00 PM – 8:00 PM (EDT)

Please join my meeting from your computer, tablet or smartphone.

You can also dial in using your phone.
United States: +1 (646) 749-3122

Access Code: 503-356-269

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* 32 V.S.A. §4404(b) states: The Town Clerk forthwith shall call a meeting of the Board to hear and determine such appeals, which shall be held at such time, not later than 14 days after the last date allowed for notice of appeal, and at such place within the Town as he or she shall designate. Notice of such time and place shall be given by posting a warning therefor in three or more public places in such Town, and by mailing a copy of such warning, postage prepaid, to each member of the Board, the Agent of the Town to prosecute and defend suits, the Chairman of the Board of Listers and to all persons so appealing.


SAFETY ZONE: A property owner may establish a 500-foot Safety Zone around an occupied dwelling, residence, barn, stable or other building with signs provided by the Fish & Wildlife Department. These signs shall be placed at each corner of the safety zone and no more than 200 feet apart. Shooting is prohibited in the Safety Zone and no wild animal may be taken within it without permission from the owner.

Posted Property Under Fish & Wildlife Law (Fish & Wildlife Regulations – General)

Hunting, fishing or trapping on properly posted land is illegal without written permission. This includes land posted for hunting, fishing or trapping by permission only. Properly posted land will have records filed with the town clerk and the Fish & Wildlife Department. See Title 10, V.S.A., Sections 5201 to 5206 (The fee for registering with the Town Clerk is $5.00.)

Whether the property is posted or not, a hunter or angler shall show their license if requested by the landowner.

It is illegal to damage or remove posters prohibiting hunting, fishing or trapping.

A person must leave the land immediately on demand of the owner, whether the land is posted or not.

(NEW this year) Posting & by Permission Only Signs

A landowner, or a person having the exclusive right to take fish or wild animals on land or the waters thereon may maintain signs stating that hunting, fishing, or trapping or any combination of the three is prohibited or by permission only.

See 10 V.S.A. Appendix Sect. 14 for fish stocking requirements to post against fishing.

Permission Only signs shall state the owner’s name and a method by which to contact the owner or a person authorized to provide permission to hunt, fish or trap on the property.

Posting and Permission Only Signs

    • The owner or person posting the land, shall annually record the posting at the town clerk’s office for a fee of $5.00.
    • Signs must be not less than 8 ½ inches by 11 inches.
    • Lettering and background on the signs must be of contrasting colors.
    • Signs must be maintained at all times and dated each year.
    • Signs must be erected on or near all boundaries, at each corner, and not over 400 feet apart.
    • Signs shall not be considered void if other language is added, as long as a reasonable person would understand that hunting, fishing or trapping are prohibited.
  • LOCATION OF POSTING SIGNS: Posting signs and “By Permission Only” signs must be erected on or near all the boundaries, at each corner and not over 400 feet apart.

What do I do to report game law violations?

Contact the Division of Fish and Wildlife Operation Game Theft Hotline Toll-Free at 1-800-292-3030 anytime, 24 hours per day. You will be given an OGT Case Number. You do not need to give your name at this time. From this phone call, a Fish and Wildlife Enforcement Agent can be dispatched or can return your call. Wildlife offenses need to be investigated immediately by enforcement agents if there is to be a chance of making an arrest. The longer the delay in getting information to the agent, the smaller the chances of obtaining an arrest and conviction.



Information Regarding Property Tax Abatement

What is tax abatement? Abatement is a statutory process for relieving taxpayers from the burden of property taxes, penalty (collection fees) and interest when the law authorizes abatement and when the board, in its discretion, agrees that the request is reasonable and proper. It exists to permit the board to prevent an injustice or to help a taxpayer who faces extraordinary circumstances that make it difficult for the taxpayer to meet his or her tax obligations. Abatements are cautiously granted insofar as they reduce the income to the town and require the town to either spend less or increase the taxes on the rest of the taxpayers to make up the difference.

The preceeding is a summary from About Abatement a 2014 publication of the Office of the Vermont Secretary of State, which outlines the process of Abatement for both the taxpayer and the Board of Abatement.

Although there is no specific time limit as to when requests for Tax Abatements can be made, it is helpful to have adequate time for the posting of Abatement Hearings and for the Board of Abatement to have scheduling options so that an appropriate quorum can be assembled.  It is also helpful from the Town’s perspective to understand it financial liability regarding abatements by the end of the calendar fiscal year December 31.

Please contact the Town Clerk if you would like to schedule an Abatement hearing or have questions about making an Abatement request.  It will be helpful in understanding your request if you can be as detailed as possible as to what property was lost or destroyed.  The Board of Abatement may ask for additional information pertaining to insurance and or FEMA claims, photographs or other material in order to make a fair and just decision.


Abatement Request Form



NOTICE 18-07-09

NOTICE 21-09-20


Abatement Minutes 2018-07-09

Abatement Minutes 2019-02-13

Abatement Minutes 2021-09-27


Unclaimed Property Listing

from VT Office of the State Treasurer




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