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2019 Shrewsbury Property Tax

Due October 11, 2019


Treasurer’s office hours are Wednesdays from 5 to 7 p.m. at the town office.

As usual, cash payments to be accepted by the Town Treasurer only. Credit Card payments will be accepted this year through Official Payments with the deadline of October 9th.   There is a processing fee for this convenience payable to Official Payments. The website is which is listed on the treasurer’s page of the town website Shrewsbury Treasurer

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Frequently Asked Questions at Tax Time from the VT Department of Taxes


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Understanding Your Property Tax Bill

Please be sure to file the Homestead Declaration.

       State website is

And the Property Tax Adjustment form if you qualify should also be completed.


Vermont State phone at (802) 828-2865 or (866) 828-2865 (toll free in VT) for information or help.


2019 Homestead Declaration and Property Tax Adjustment Claim Filing online is EASY, QUICK, and FREE!

2019 Vermont Homestead Declaration Form HS-122


Vermont resident homeowners are required to annually file a Declaration of homestead on their principal dwelling as of April 1, 2018, to have the resident tax rate applied.

Eligible Homestead owners are required to annually file a claim to receive an adjustment to property tax, (income sensitivity)

You may be eligible for an adjustment if:

  • You have filed a valid Vermont Homestead;
  • You were a Vermont resident all of calendar 2018; and
  • You are not claimed as a dependent of another taxpayer for tax year 2018
  • Documents you will need to file:
  • Copy of 2019 property tax bill (call the town 492-3558 if you need another copy)
  • Income information for you, your spouse/civil union partner, and all other members of the household such as W-2, 1099, SSA-1099, SSA-1042S, RRB-1099, RRB-1045, business income information


The drop box to the left of the town office front door is available at all times tax payments.  Please
call if you have questions or concerns.

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Homestead Non-Homestead
Municipal $0.4287 $0.4287
Education $1.4850 $1.5021
Local Agreement $0.0003 $0.0003
TOTAL $1.9140 $1.9311


NOTE: Questions regarding your individual assessment valuation, or grievance procedure should be directed to the Listers. Phone: 802-492-2009